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Walking: Central Sochi and Adler have paths along sea stretches that are convenient and easy to walk, with some regard to some hills. For some of the further districts of the city, it's definitely recommended to use some sort of transportation because of the lack of sidewalks and intensive traffic.

Buses & trams: Sochi does not have any trams or trolleybuses. Smaller private buses and marshrutka (minibuses) are the main means of transportation. Marshrutka are very popular because its system almost duplicates the existing bus routes, and moreover, the service is quite frequent and relatively cheap!

Thanks to the Winter Games, the Government has started improvements to the public transportation system, which will include providing English signage in buses and even English-speaking drivers.

Train: The 65 mile length of Sochi and its districts makes the railroad one of the fastest and most convenient commutes to travel between the city districts. Preparing for the 2014 Games, RZD is building two new lines: from Adler to the airport and from the Olympic Park (Sea Cluster) to Krasnaya Polyana (Mountain Cluster).

Taxi: You can flag a taxi on the street but be aware that there are still several unofficial cars wanting to give you a ride! Taxi drivers usually speak minimal English, so it is always good to use a mediator (hotel receptionist, Ludus Staff, hotel card, etc.) unless you are familiar with Russian or love adventures! Additionally, even the official taxis rarely turn on the meters! Our last tip is to always have cash with you as only few services accept credit cards.

Wheelchairs: Russia has extremely poor accessibility for people with disabilities. Sochi, Adler and Krasnaya Polyana have started improvement programs as a requirement for 2014 Paralympic Games organization and as of recently, the airport facilities and new commuter trains in Sochi are accessible.

Are you a spectator with tickets for the Games?
More information will be provided soon on the public transportations included with your event tickets!